COVID19 Safety Guidelines

Please Note: Campus continues to be CLOSED due to Covid Restrictions.
A re-opening date has not been determined. Required Precautions and Procedures to be applied upon re-opening.

According to Sub Section 2. (2.1) of Schedule 1 and Schedule 4 of O. Reg. 364/20: Rules for Areas at Step 3 and the Roadmap Exit Step under the Reopening Ontario (A flexible Response to COVID19 Act, 2020):
  1. Any Persons who plan to attend campus must complete the Daily Covid-19 Self Screening Check-up before leaving for your destination.
  2. Persons who attend the campus are required by law to provide:
    1. proof of full vaccination against COVID-19; OR
    2. written document, completed and supplied by a physician or registered nurse that sets out: (i) of a documented medical reason for not being fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and (ii) the effective time-period for the medical reason; OR
    3. if not fully vaccinated proof of completing an educational session provided by Wellsprings College prior to declining vaccination for reason other than a medical reason about how the Covid-19 vaccines work, vaccine safety related to the development of the vaccines, the benefits, risks of not being vaccinated, and the possible side effects of the COVID-19 vaccination
If persons attending the campus cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19 due to a documented medical reason from a physical or registered nurse, the individual(s) must submit to an antigen point of care test for COVID-19 (conducted on campus) that demonstrates a negative result, prior to your visit. Once in-person classes are available, these individuals must submit a negative test result every seven days.

Wellsprings College is obligated to collect, maintain, and disclose statistical (non-identifiable) data of persons who attend the campus to the Ministry of Colleges and Universities. This includes persons vaccinated against COVID-19; persons medically exempted from taking the COVID-19 vaccine; and persons who completed an educational session regarding the COVID-19 vaccination, how they work and safety, its benefits, risks of not being vaccinated, and possible side effects.

Visitors who have symptoms, have been exposed to a known COVID-19 case, and/or failed their daily COVID-19 screening must not attend the campus, and immediately self-isolate at home or in an area designated by the Wellsprings College campus staff. These individuals must contact their health care physician. Wellsprings College will notify York Region Public Health.
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